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Coal-based activated carbon introduction:

Bituminous coal-based activated carbon is bituminous coal based. Selected from a variety of bituminous coal, and processed through scientific formula, grinding, extrusion, carbonization, steam activation, mechanical crushing and scerrning, itis the best choice for fields such as liquid-phase decolorization, water tieatment, etc. with its highly developed macrpopres and mesopores, and low floating rate.

Anthracite coal-based activated carbon is based on high quality anthracite coal and processed through grinding, mixing, extrusion, carbonization, and high-temperature steam activation. It is the best choice for fields such as gas and liquid adsorption, catalyst carrier, etc. with its hign strength and high-developed pore structure.

High adsorption activated carbon is mainly used in air purification, solvent recovery and high-purity gas treatment.

Low ash activated carbon is mainly used in drinking water, high-purity liquid purification, food and pharmaceutical process, etc.

Activated carbon with extra small diameter is mainly used in gas masks,etc.

Pore-developed activated carbon is mainly used in catalyst carriers,etc.